Brad McGuinn, PhD


Dr. McGuinn is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami School of Business.  He received his doctorate in Middle Eastern and Security Studies at the University of Miami in 1995. Since 1998, he has been an Adjunct Master Professor of Security and Political Science at the USAF Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University, Hurlburt Field, Florida.  Dr. McGuinn has taught and lectured at various American and international institutions such as Florida International University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has also provided briefings for Congressmen and government agencies.

Dr. McGuinn and Dr. Izady are the directors of the Risk Reduction Strategies LLP, an organization dedicated to the education and preparation of military, diplomatic and corporate personnel being deployed in various volatile and unstable areas of the world.  They have provided comprehensive training in cultural, social, economic political and security fields here in America and Europe.  The military units they have trained range from the Special Operations Commands (Hurlburt Field, Fort Bragg and Coronado) to CENTCOM, the Naval Academy and the National Defense University.  Their training has also included the 1st Special Forces, Ft. Carson, CO, the Army Corps of Engineers, Winchester, VA, the Army Intelligence and Security Command, Belvoir, VA, and various Reserve and National Guard units in the US. In Europe, they have provided training for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Reimstein, Germany and Special Forces units, Mildenhall, UK. 

Dr. McGuinn has published and lectured extensively on security topics in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.  He has published numerous articles on terrorism in the New York Times and various academic journals.  He also published the first major analytical studies on the emerging U.S. role in the Caucasus and Central Asia.  His analyses of the roots of social discontent and international terrorism have been widely acclaimed and quoted.